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Pacific Coast Highway: Long Beach, WA ...

The city of Long Beach is located in Pacific County, WA state ... the city has a population of aprox. 1,400 people.

Long Beach originally started as a land claim in 1880 which was purchased and subsequently plotted as as a town called "Tinkerville" ... Long Beach was later incorporated in 1922.

Long Beach features aprox. 28 miles of sandy beaches that lines the shores of the Long Beach Peninsula ... the peninsula is a natural land barrier that protects Willapa Bay from the open ocean.

Downtown Long Beach features a walkable assortment of arts & crafts galleries, souvenir shops, restaurants, motels, and small businesses & services.

Located at the north-end of the peninsula is the community of Oysterville - which has some historic homes that date back to the 1850's.

Long Beach is located close to the Washington/Oregon border - just a couple miles away.

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