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Neah Bay is a census-designated place located on the Makah Reservation in Clallam County, WA state ... the area has a population of aprox. 870 people.

The Makah Reserve houses an impressive museum which contains ancient native american artifacts and other historic pieces and photographs related to the Makah Tribe ... the museum is open year-round.

Salmon and Halibut fishing is a popular pastime in the Neah Bay area with both the local Makah Tribe and visitors alike.

Neah Bay isn't located on US-101 ... to reach Neah Bay you must turn north onto Hwy-113 from US-101 at Sappho, and then continue onto Hwy-112 that eventually follows the coastline to Neah Bay - see Neah Bay map below.

While in the area visit the Makah Museum to learn more about the area's history.

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