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The city of South Bend is located in Pacific County, WA state ... the city has a population of aprox. 1,640 people.

South Bend was incorporated in 1890 ... the name of the city comes from its "south bend" location on the Willapa River.

South Bend is known for it's Oyster industry ... South Bend claims to be the "Oyster Capital of the World" - owing largey to it's strategic location at the mouth of the Willapa River & Bay - with Willapa Bay being known as one of the richest Oyster grounds on the US west coast. 

There's a nice walking trail between South Bend and Raymond known as the "Willapa Hills Trail" that follows the old railroad right-of-way along the Willapa River.

While in the area visit the Pacific County Historical Society in South bend to learn about the area's history.

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